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Check in from home

Start your journey with online check-in

Get your trip off to a relaxing start by checking in at home via the Internet. You can check in on the website of your airline, accessible through this link.

Checking in online from home can save time as all that's left to do when you arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is drop off your hold baggage. Plus, you can often check-in online many hours in advance, leaving you one less thing to worry about at the airport. Most airlines also allow you to select your own seat, which means the earlier you check in, the more choice you'll have.

Self-service check-in

You can also use one of the many self-service check-in kiosks available at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Self-service check-in is fast, comfortable and easy, enabling you to check yourself in at the machines (kiosks).  The kiosks are situated near the airline check-in desks, Schiphol Plaza and the WTC walkway.

Passengers who check in at one of the self-service kiosks at the airport are also advised to arrive at the airport well in advance.

Check in at the desks

You can also check in at the airport at the check-in desk of the airline you're flying with. Please bear in mind that this can take longer than checking in in advance. As a general guideline, we advise you to plan for the following check-in times:
• For European destinations: at least 2 hours prior to boarding.
• For destinations outside Europe: at least 3 hours prior to boarding.

The check-in desk rows are organised as follows:
• Departure Hall 1: desk rows 1 - 8
• Departure Hall 2: desk rows 9 - 16
• Departure Hall 3: desk rows 17 - 32

We advise you to check in well ahead of your scheduled departure time. Also refer to the instructions on your ticket and those provided by your airline, travel agency or tour operator.

If you plan to travel via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol during the holiday periods we advise you to allow even more time. We expect waiting times to be longer because it is busier than usual during these periods.


Security Scan

The Security Scan is used at the security controls and at the Customs controls at the aiport.

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