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Infants and travel

Travelling with an infant is generally not a problem; however, special rules apply. These rules vary according to airline, so we advise you to contact your airline. They will be able to provide you with detailed, up-to-date information.


Many airlines have regulations about infants in the pressurised cabin of an airplane. In many cases, babies must be at least one week old in order to fly.

Free or discounted fares

Infants often receive either a discounted fare or may fly for free. Many airlines divide the fare structure into three age categories: infants (2 and under); children (2 to 12) and adults (12 and up).

Infant service on board

Some airlines provide diapers, powdered infant formula and baby food as part of the standard service. In many cases you can reserve these in advance. Be on the safe side and always bring your own, making sure that you understand and comply with the EU rules for carry-on baggage.

Buggies and strollers

Usually you are allowed to take collapsible buggies to the gate, at which time they are loaded into the cargo hold. Generally speaking, buggies and strollers that are not collapsible must be handed in at the check-in desk.

Carrying an infant on your lap

In many cases when travelling with an infant, you must sit with your baby on your lap, unless you have purchased a separate seat. Some airlines always have travel cradles, baby baskets or baby cots on board. These are usually only available for (long) intercontinental flights. Also, restrictions usually apply (regarding the size and weight of your baby).

Most airlines prohibit a passenger from flying with more than two infants. Plus, due to security concerns, passengers are generally not allowed to sit with more than one infant on their lap. You are obliged to purchase a seat for the second infant.

Contagious paediatric diseases

Is your baby sick and is he or she contagious, for example with the measles, mumps, chicken pox or whooping cough? If so, your infant is not allowed to travel unless you have a medical statement indicating that it is safe to fly.