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Environmentally friendly aviation

We strive to reduce CO2 emissions at the airport. We also have set as a goal to generate 20% of our own energy needs in a sustainable way by 2020. The biggest contributors to CO2 emissions at Schiphol are energy consumption; heating, air conditioning, and lighting, and mobility(our motor pool, and commuters).

Schiphol actively works at reducing  greenhouse gases by cutting down on our energy consumption and through greater efficiency, and sustainable energy practices.

We have reduced our energy consumption by smart on and off switches for our lighting and air conditioning. We have also chosen for energy efficient LED lighting.

Schiphol has 8 locations with heat cold storage, and has a field with 3,000 m2 solar panels.

Schiphol plays a part in the Airport Carbon Accreditation benchmark of our industry organization Airports Council International. In March 2012 the CO2 reduction effort at Schiphol was awarded with the Airport Carbon accreditation level 3. This is the second highest level. This was obtained not only because of the reduction of CO2 output at the airport, but also because the airport was successful in motivating its partners (airlines, ground handlers) to reduce their CO2 output as well.