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Having a good dialogue and consultation with people and organizations in our surrounding area is paramount to our operations.

Working together, innovating, exchanging ideas and opinions is the best way to solve complex issues.
To that end Schiphol organizes stakeholder meetings.

Schiphol is also an active participant in the following groups.

• Alders Platform
• Schiphol Regional Consultative Committee (CROS)
• Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol
• Schiphol Safety Platform
• Schiphol Security and Public Safety Platform
• Contractors’ Job Health and Safety Platform
• Knowledge and Development Centre
• Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Platform
• National programme Knowledge for Climate
• Nature and Environmental Centre Haarlemmermeer
• Health & Safety consultations
• Quality of Life foundation
• Mainport and Green foundation
• Governance Forum

• Mainport Schiphol Haarlemmermeer Structural Concept (SMASH)
• Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC)
• Amsterdam Connecting Trade (ACT)
• Amsterdam Region Business Association (ORAM)
• Amsterdam Economic Board

Your reactions and feedback (also the critical ones) are more than welcome.