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Accessibility and air quality

Coming just after the number of destinations reachable, and the price of a plane ticket, the accessibility of an airport is an important factor in choosing an airport. Accessibility is also crucial for businesses, suppliers and employees.

Schiphol strives to make mobility more sustainable by making road traffic to and from, and at Schiphol, cleaner with less volume.

We aim to lead the industry when it comes to reducing the amount of NOx, PMx and airborne particles. These efforts are important in view of our commitment to the health of Schiphol staff and our direct environment. Particle emissions are caused by the combustion of fuel in aircraft engines.

We will focus on stimulating clean transport to, from and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Passengers travelling to or from the airport by taxi now have a sustainable option. We conducted a successful tendering procedure in 2014 that was also the focus of much international attention. Concession holders BIOS and BBF Schipholtaxi took a fleet of 167 electrically powered Teslas into service. As a result, Schiphol now boasts the largest fleet of electrically powered taxis of any airport in the world.

We also conduct our business operations with a growing percentage of cleaner vehicles. Airside handling agents are using a growing amount of electrically powered equipment. This development necessitates effective harmonisation and planning: the growing number of electrically powered vehicles and equipment will require sufficient charging points and electrical capacity. Our fleet will be supplemented with a total of 35 electrically powered passenger buses, three of which were taken into service during 2014.

Two aircraft stands were equipped with 400 Hz systems in 2014. As a result, 69 permanent aircraft stands can now supply aircraft with Fixed Electrical Ground Power, eliminating the need for kerosene engines or diesel generators. In practice, these systems are not yet being put to optimal use due to their unwieldy weight. This underlines the need to balance all relevant aspects when making investment decisions. In this particular case, we failed to devote sufficient attention to working conditions.

Smart Parking

E-business taxi

E-business taxi