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Accessibility and air quality

Coming just after the number of destinations reachable, and the price of a plane ticket, the accessibility of an airport is an important factor in choosing an airport. Accessibility is also crucial for businesses, suppliers and employees.

Schiphol strives to make mobility more sustainable by making road traffic to and from, and at Schiphol, cleaner with less volume.

We encourage passengers and employees to use public transportation to reach Schiphol. We discourage the dropping off and picking up of passengers by car.

Together with the company Connexxion, Schiphol launched the E-Business Taxi.

At Schiphol the company Better Place, opened the first battery switching station for electric taxis. The electric taxi is driven onto a belt and the empty battery is switched for a charged  one. Within 5 minutes the taxi is ready to go with a fully charged battery.

Schiphol has decided to switch to electric buses for passenger transport to the airplane. These electric buses are due to be put into use by 2014.

Smart Parking

E-business taxi

E-business taxi