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Strategic themes

Strategic themes
For the purpose of implementing our strategy we have identified five strategic themes: Top Connectivity, Excellent Visit Value, Competitive Marketplace, Development of the Group and Sustainable & Safe Performance.

Top Connectivity
Maintaining and expanding the network of destinations, in collaboration with our home carrier and other airlines, is our most important duty. Thanks to its network Schiphol ranks among the five major hubs in Europe. The development of Eindhoven Airport and Lelystad Airport supports Schiphol's Mainport function. Good road and rail access is essential for ensuring the connectivity of our airports.

Excellent Visit Value
We aim to offer the best quality for an attractive price to airlines, travellers and all other users of our airports. We invest in sufficient high-quality capacity and a high-quality range of commercial products. The appreciation shown by our customers for our facilities and services serves as the compass guiding the upgrades we carry out.

Competitive Marketplace
Our airports are attractive business and visitor locations. If we are to remain a competitive business location, we must provide a competitive marketplace where businesses can share and combine knowledge and skills. We tailor the range of facilities and real estate to demand and aim to continue developing Schiphol into a cargo distribution hub.

Development of the Group
Schiphol Group wants to strengthen the Mainport by expanding its international activities. It also aims to strengthen its own organisation, to promote an innovative environment and to increase coordination and synergy within the group.

Sustainable & Safe Performance
Schiphol Group is a financially solid enterprise that conducts its business in a socially responsible manner, consciously weighing people, planet and profit aspects. Our airports can only grow by balancing their interests with those of the local communities. We continue to invest in a good relationship with administrators, local residents, sector partners and the government.

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