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Business areas

We operate our main airport, Schiphol, as an AirportCity, a dynamic metropolitan area that offers passengers and airlines all the services they need, 24 hours a day. The AirporCity formula encompasses three business areas that complement and enhance each other.

Our fourth business area is the business area Alliances & Participations.


The activities of the business area Aviation take place at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Aviation provides services and facilities to airlines, passengers and handling agents. The business area supports an efficient and high-quality passenger and cargo process. It is responsible for the provision of the check-in and security facilities, the design of the terminal, piers and gates, the development and management of the baggage system, management of the landing area, the maintenance of this infrastructure and the coordination of safety on platforms, roads and grounds and in the buildings.

Consumer Products & Services

The business area Consumer Products & Services develops and manages the range of products and services offered at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Its primary aim is to enable passengers to travel care-free and comfortably. This business area grants concessions for shops, restaurants, services and entertainment and operates a number of shops and the car parks. It also creates opportunities to advertise at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Privium programme and the VIP centre offer a range of specific services for premium passengers.

Real Estate

The business area Real Estate develops, manages, operates and invests in property on and around airports in the Netherlands and abroad. The portfolio comprises both operational and commercial real estate that, for the most part, is located on and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The business area offers companies and logistics service providers a variety of locations, offices and business premises and different types of rental contracts, with the special benefit of being in the immediate vicinity of an international airport. Of the property included in the total portfolio, 87% is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Alliances & Participations

In the Netherlands, we have interests in three regional airports: Eindhoven Airport (51%), Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport (the latter two both 100%). Alliances & Participations is also responsible for other activities, such as Schiphol Telematics and Schiphol Utilities. The business area also encompasses our participations in foreign airports in Paris, New York and Brisbane. In addition, we support airport activities on Aruba.