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Conditions & sanctions

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol takes security seriously, which is why everyone with a Schiphol Pass is obliged to observe strict rules and conditions. Violations will be subject to sanctions.

Abuse will be penalised
Schiphol Passes and Day Passes give access to the (Non-) Security Restricted Areas and/or Secured Premises by A.A.S.. You must therefore be authorised to be in these areas. For example, this means that you are not allowed to enter these areas if your pass has expired.

If you enter these areas without the correct authorisation, you could have your pass confiscated by an airport official. It will not be automatically returned to you. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s Airport Authority Office will contact your employer, and you will be subject to an administrative settlement or a decision by the Sanctioning Committee. Any sanctions will be determined during the Sanctioning Committee meeting.

We recommend that all pass holders carefully read the conditions of use and sanctions as described in the Schiphol Admission Regulations (RTS).