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Schiphol Valet Parking Car Wash Service

The exclusive Car Care Service programme offered by Schiphol Valet Parking is a highly sophisticated car cleaning service. You can even choose to have treatments applied by hand, assuring you of the best care for your vehicle.

Schiphol Valet Parking also offers Swisste® paint protection treatments. These special treatments offer the perfect durable protection for your vehicle and help keep it looking new for a long time to come.

In short, a star-quality car cleaning service.

Schiphol Valet Parking offers you the following options:


Programme Description Rates, incl. VAT
1. Exterior Cleaning High-quality exterior wash, including wheels.

EUR 20.50
2. Full Interior Cleaning Thorough interior clean as described in (2), plus cleaning of boot

EUR 26.50
3. Full Car Cleaning Extensive cleaning of interior, exterior and boot, as described in (1) and (3).

EUR 42.25
4. Advanced HardWax Treatment After the exterior clean (1), a HardWax polish is applied by hand.

EUR 88.50
5. Swisstec® Cabriolet top protection This treatment adds a dirt and moisture repellent coating to the cabriolet top. This protective coating is invisible and also protects against ultraviolet rays. This keeps the top free of damage caused by dirt, algae, moss and moisture. Includes Exterior Cleaning (1).

EUR 88.50
6. Swisstec® Wheel Protection Special durable protection for the wheels, including Exterior Cleaning (1) and pre-wash by hand. FREE in combination with Swisstec® Ultimate

EUR 114.50
7. Corrective Polish Treatment After Exterior Cleaning (1), scratches and minor paint chips are restored by machine and the paint is buffed to a high gloss finish. A HardWax treatment (6) is applied by hand to give the paint a showroom finish.

EUR 161.00
8. Swisstec® Interior Protection Following an extensive interior clean as described in (2), the leather or fabric upholstery is given special Swisstec® treatment to provide long-lasting protection.
EUR 98.95
9. Swisstec® 4seasons After the Corrective Polish Treatment (9), a weather-resistant Swisstec® paint protection coating is applied. This advanced paint protection system has a high gloss finish and comes with a 12-month written guarantee. Includes Interior Cleaning Treatment (1).

EUR 295.00
10. Swisstec® Ultimate Paint Protection After Corrective Polish Treatment (see 9), the paint is treated with Swisstec® Ultimate Paint Protection, a high-tech paint protection system for all car paint finishes. This treatment is applied by specialists, resulting in a deep high gloss finish and ultimate protection. It comes with a 12-month written guarantee.

EUR 660.00