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Introduction of e-freight

E-freight is an IATA initiative which aims to replace paper with digital documents throughout the entire cargo supply chain – including shippers, forwarders and customs brokers, carriers, handling agents, and consignees. Traditional paper-based air cargo involves some thirty documents for every shipment, and is estimated to create the equivalent of eighty Boeing 747 freighter-loads of paper every year. E-freight eliminates the re-keying of data: reducing costs, speeding up processes and enhancing accuracy.

Vital to the industry’s future

In April 2012, Schiphol was awarded a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ by IATA Cargo, in recognition of its ‘outstanding performance in supporting and helping to adopt e-freight in 2011’. Schiphol continues to be one of the drivers behind the worldwide adoption of e-freight, which is of vital importance to the industry’s future.

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