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Live Animals

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Safe and comfortable

When shipping live animals by air, their safety and comfort and a hygienic environment are of key concern.

Animal hotel

The Air France-KLM Cargo & Martinair Cargo Animal Hotel at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the world's largest and most modern facility designed especially for animals in transit. It meets the high European standards on quality and hygiene, and is ISO 9002 certified.

Second equine handling centre

And from March 2013, the airport will boost a second equine handling centre. The new facility will be a self-contained unit sited within the existing Aviapartner handling centre, located in the centre of Schiphol's cargo area. The facility will be fully certificated for Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) veterinary inspections, and will operate as a Border Inspection Post for the acceptance and clearance of horse movements into the EU from any part of the world. Initially, the facility will cater only for horses and start handling other live animals at a later stage.

Shipment information

For specific or general questions about, or related to, (your) cargo shipment(s), air cargo shipping, track & trace options, transit & arrival times, etc. you should contact your specific cargo service provider or express/courier company. Please click the relevant category of cargo service providers in the right-hand side menu to get a list of related companies that are located at or around Schiphol.

Bart Pouwels

Bart Pouwels

Director Business Development Cargo