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Six new Self-Service Baggage Drop-Off units now in use

"These Self-Service Baggage Drop-Off units improve the service we offer to passengers. The trend towards self-service is driven by passenger demand. We previously worked with KLM to develop the Self-Service Transfer service, the Self-Service Baggage Drop Off is a logical next step. These are just a few examples of the new and improved facilities being jointly introduced by KLM and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to improve services for passengers, all of which are designed to secure our position as Europe's preferred airport."

Pieter Elbers, KLM's Chief Operating Officer said: "KLM is delighted with this expansion of the Self-Service Baggage Drop-Off units. The units are a logical next step in the further roll-out of self-service products within KLM and the airport as a whole. Passengers increasingly want to be in control when they travel, and these services are a response to that demand. Around a million passengers have already used the Self-Service Baggage Drop-Off units, and the feedback has been very positive."

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was one of the pioneers of self-service baggage check-in facilities in 2008. The airport went on to work with KLM and the company BagDrop system BV to install a number of Self-Service Baggage Drop-Off units at the airport. In August 2011, the facilities were expanded with six of the very latest BagDrop units. In September 2011, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and KLM received the Best Baggage Initiative Award at the Future Travel Experience 2011 Congress in Vancouver for their Self-Service Baggage Drop-Off units.

BagDrop systems BV
The Dutch company BagDrop systems BV specializes in optimizing systems in airport terminals by developing efficient and innovative self-service products and facilities. The wholly integrated BagDrop unit is a contact point where passengers can independently check in and deposit their baggage.