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Free Wifi at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

As from today, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is offering free WiFi throughout the airport – both before and beyond passport control and even up to the gate itself. The new service means passengers can connect to wireless internet from any device with login access, free of charge for a full hour. The service is being offered as part of a partnership between telecom provider KPN and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

To use the airport’s WiFi service, users simply select the available ‘KPN’ network on their laptop or PDA and then launch their internet browser. On the login page, users can choose from either the free, time-restricted service under ‘Free WiFi’ or the premium service under ‘Premium WiFi’. The premium service is an expanded, paid service provided by KPN, offering higher speeds, a VPN option and a free printing service at one of the KPN Internet Centers.

‘We are incredibly proud that we can offer all our visitors and passengers a free WiFi service’, says Consumers business area Director Otto Ambagtsheer. ‘In fact, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the first major European airport to offer free wireless Internet. This new service reaffirms Schiphol’s reputation as an innovative and trendsetting airport, where serving customers is a top priority.’

‘Going online isn’t just something you do at home or work anymore; people also want a fast, secure connection when they’re on the go’, notes Albert Vergeer, Director of Internet, Telephony & Television at KPN. ’Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a perfect example of a place where people are keen to use wireless internet. Business passengers want to be “in the air” up through the point of departure and from the instant of arrival, and regular passengers often have one last email to send or want to check the weather forecast at their destination. Now we’re making that even easier by offering premium and free WiFi services over a surface area of 600,000m2 here at Amsterdam Airport.