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Market Facts

Strook 2

Europe’s second

largest catchment area

Approximately 35 million people live within 200 km of AMS

500 Companies

Located at the Schiphol location and employing 64,000 people

26 Billion euro

Contribution of aviation sector to Dutch GDP

Excellent Road


And outstanding public transport infrastructure

International Ranking

Number 1

• 1st on the list of ‘Low unemployment’ within the EU

Top 5

• 2nd on the list of ‘Leading the field in broadband’ worldwide •  3rd freight airport of the world •  4th on the list of ‘highest income in EU’

•  5th on the list of ‘Effective governments’

Top 10

• 6th Largest exporter of goods •  7th on the list of ‘Attractive for inward foreign investments’ •  8th on the list of ‘Most competitive economies’ •  9th Largest foreign investor in the world

The Netherlands, as a country, rates well on several European and global rankings.

Market Characteristics

Catchment Area

Europe’s second largest

catchment area and approximately 35 million people live within 200 km of AMS

16.8 Million people

On 41,000 square km. The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated

countries in the world

Tourist Destination

In 2013, the Netherlands was visited by 12.7 million foreign tourists


Metropolitan Area

The “Randstad”, which includes the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, is one of the largest metropolitan areas
in Europe

10,000 foreign Companies

Of which over 2,200 companies are located in the Amsterdam metropolitan area

290,000 Jobs

The activities at Schiphol generate 290,000 jobs in the Netherlands, of which 64,000 people are employed at the Schiphol location

Renowned Dutch


Including Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, ING Group, ABN AMRO,

Aegon, Philips,

Royal KPN, Heineken, Grolsch, AHOLD, and TomTom




With headquarters in the AMS area. Including Samsung Electronics, Danone,

Tata Consultancy Services, FedEx, Cisco Systems, Abbott Laboratories, Nike,

and Starbucks Corporation

Its central geographical position is just one of the many reasons why numerous European,

American and Asian companies have established their operations in the Netherlands.

Business Climate

The Netherlands has consistent high positions on global business climate rankings, largely for reasons of political and social-economical nature.

Stable and effective

political system

Excellent macroeconomic environment

Favourable tax environment

Internationally oriented economy


labour market

Robust economy


financial sector

Catchment Area

The AMS catchment area covers the Netherlands, the western part of Germany and the northern part of Belgium.

Most passengers prefer to use public transport to and from AMS




The Hague








Dropped off / picked up

Own car

Public transport




• 15 minutes to the city center of Amsterdam, 7 trains per hour

• 7 minutes to WTC, Amsterdam, 12 trains per hour

• Also The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht are close by: 30 minutes by train to the

city center of The Hague and Utrecht and 45 minutes to the city center of Rotterdam

• With Intercity direct (high-speed train) in just 27 minutes to the city

centre of Rotterdam

• 13 x Thalys high- speed trains per day to Brussels

• 13 x Thalys high-speed trains to Paris (connecting time; only 3 hours)

• Direct access to national road network