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Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a growing international airport. It is strategically located in the western urban conglomeration of the Netherlands, near Rotterdam’s world-famous sea port, The Hague and Antwerp. Flights depart to Europe’s major airports, with frequent services to destinations such as London, Paris and Hamburg. Flying from Rotterdam Airport means great convenience and time-saving.

The airport's good accessibility means shorter journey times to the airport for passengers. Moreover, the short distances at the airport itself and fast check-in and check-out procedures mean even more time-savings. All car parks are within walking distance of the terminal building.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport wishes to be the shining gateway to the city of Rotterdam and the surrounding region. This ambition is currently being realised with the addition of new destinations, and work starting on the full redevelopment of the airport grounds. Rotterdam The Hague Airport will soon host an office location featuring outstanding architecture in a green scenic setting with all required facilities.

The project is a collaborative effort between Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Schiphol Real Estate, which have joined forces as Rotterdam Airport Vastgoed BV. The Rotterdam The Hague Airport Master Plan, drawn up in close cooperation with the Municipality of Rotterdam, envisages office buildings, shopping facilities and public amenities.

For immediate rent:
Schiphol Real Estate / Rotterdam Airport Vastgoed already has available various office and business spaces to rent at Rotterdam Airport. For more information on space for rent, get in touch by telephone 010-4463578 or by e-mail:

For more information on Rotterdam The Hague Airport area development plans, contact Mr Stéphane Cohnen at 020 - 601 9141.

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Rotterdam The Hague Airport