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A unique and successful concept
To the Schiphol Group, airports are more than just places to get on and off planes. An airport is like a modern city. Not one that has come about in the way that Amsterdam or New York has, but one that has been designed. Airports are also very different to modern cities however because airports do not have any inhabitants. At the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol location, the Schiphol Group nevertheless provides the service level of a major city to around 45 million travellers a year.

An AirportCity is not just an experience, it is a formula. Our vision on airports. With the most beautiful piece of evidence being Amsterdam Airport Schiphol itself, one of the biggest and best organised airports in Europe.

Constant investments
That is why we constantly invest in more space and better facilities for our customers. And that is why we not only have banks, shops, restaurants, meeting areas, children's play areas, hotels and a casino at Schiphol, but also have a special collection of modern art.

A clear vision on airport real estate
Schiphol Real Estate has played an important role in the development and construction of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From a clear spatial planning perspective on the complex functions and high ambitions of this airport, buildings of international allure have been integrated into a well thought out urban planning design.

Showcase Schiphol
Schiphol is a showcase for Schiphol Real Estate. The expertise and experience acquired by Schiphol Real Estate is now also being applied at other airports such as Eindhoven, Lelystad, Rotterdam, Malpensa/Milan, and Hong Kong.