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Hire office space according to your own preferences

All organisations require their own accommodation solution catering to their own needs. At Schiphol we carefully identify the needs and development of your organisation together with you so that we can jointly seek the best solution with conditions to match.

For every accommodation need
The function of office and business space is undergoing rapid change. Employees and clients are becoming increasingly mobile, they impose high standards on their working environment and want to be able to meet up with other people and share knowledge. The New Way of Working, online communication, internationalisation, casual and permanent forms of collaboration and temporary external staff have implications for the accommodation of every organisation.

Flexible choice     
Schiphol offers a range of solutions and combinations for future-proof and attractively priced accommodation for large and small organisations, from corporates to start-ups and innovative businesses, for temporary project teams and self-employed persons.

  • Well-presented own spaces and functional own spaces in a range of buildings and areas.
  • Available as a shell, with wall-to-wall carpeting or designed as ‘plug and play’ so that you get down to business right away without having to make any investments at all.
  • From your own space to hospitable informal meeting and working spaces equipped with Wifi, a coffee corner or catering facilities.
  • Short-term, long-term or flexible-term leases (offering the option of staying as long as you wish, without any rental obligations on the company balance sheet).
  • Good price-value relationship.

Example: combine your own space with flexible space 
Your own office or business space with a  ‘shell’ of available flexible  space provides a sustainable solution, without having to incur any unnecessary costs for space that you will not require  every day. 

Your own office will showcase your organisation and serve as the central meeting point for your employees and visitors.

Additional work and meeting space is always available and accessible right away:

  • Project teams are temporarily accommodated in furnishedworkrooms and meeting rooms equipped with Internet and Wifi, including use of the pantry and the required number of parking spaces.
  • On days when your own office is unable to accommodate everyone, employees and visitors can move to pleasant meeting or workrooms equipped with all the facilities they need.

Contact us 
If you are looking for more information or simply wish to talk to us about   the options for your company without obligation, please feel free to contact us on   

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