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  • 1. Digital Products

    1. Digital Products

    Digital signage can be found throughout Schiphol, with almost 2,300 LCD displays. Digital advertising is powerful and pervasive: the majority of brands experience a signficant increase in additional sales.

  • 2. Giant Banners

    2. Giant Banners

    Create a huge impact with our giant banners. They are available in various sizes, portrait-sized banners up to 8 meters high and landscape-sized banners up to 50 metres in width.

  • 3. Lightboxes

    3. Lightboxes

    Our lightboxes are everywhere: close to the shops, along one of the heaviliy travelled piers, inside the lounges, and above the baggage belts. Lightboxes are available in sizes varying from 1 to more than 100 m2.

  • 4. Promotions

    4. Promotions

    Stand out in the crowd and display your brand in your own private promotional area inside or outside the terminal. Or use our movable promotion trolleys to cover all areas of the airport.

  • 5. Specials & Concepts

    5. Specials & Concepts

    Specials & Concepts are unique forms of exposure – which may be airport-related – and special-experience concepts that are made to measure for individual clients. Sometimes they make passengers literally stop and stare.